Alexander Art Academy | Marc Alexander - Snow Leopard | Media Pic

In these art classes, Marc will offer technical assistance. He will give step-by-step instructions in order to push you to discover your drawing and painting potential. In every session, there will indeed be something new to learn.

Some topics that will be covered include;

  • the fundamentals of drawing and image-making,
  • painting techniques using a variety of mediums,
  • colour theory and colour mixing,
  • art career mentoring, to mention a few.

More about Marc Alexander

Alexander Art Academy | Marc Alexander at the Studio Gallery

As well as being a master in Grisaille oil painting, Marc Alexander is also well known as a teacher and mentor to many artists. In his artwork, not only is there a sense of truth that evokes depth but also beauty of his subject matter. As a teacher, he has both generously shared his techniques, ideas and experiences that have shaped his art and work ethic over many years. Marc’s aesthetic sensibilities have long drawn him to art from the fourteenth to seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish painters, but his artistic process remains fresh and contemporary and rooted in both traditional and modern principles.

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